Why cell-based meat will be better (infographic)

I made an infographic, why we can expect that cell-based meat will be much better than animal-based meat.

You can support open source scientific cell-based meat research and development by donating to New Harvest and the Good Food Institute.

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4 reacties op Why cell-based meat will be better (infographic)

  1. Omer zegt:

    Do you think the availability of cell-based meat will convince people to give up real meat? We already have some plant-based meat which tastes identical to if not better than animal meat but not many non-vegans choose the plant-based meat. Why do you think people would react any differently to lab-grown meat?

    • stijnbruers zegt:

      Traditional meat eaters still want to eat the same meat products, and plant-based meats are less likely to become complete substitutes of especially whole-tissue meat like steak. When the new plant-based meat burgers become as cheap as animal-based meat burgers, they can start to substitute those animal-based burgers. With cell-based meat (including whole tissue meat), traditional meat eaters do not have to change any behavior and can still eat their traditional meals. They only have to switch to the cheaper (animal-free) meat.

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