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Why animal products cause so many problems (infographic)

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My top ideas of 2022

In 2022, I published two academic articles, one in economics and one in ethics, that contain perhaps my most important ideas of the year. Both articles deal with the problem of farm animal welfare. The first article, The Animal Welfare … Lees verder

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How to reduce the duration of animal suffering (infographic)

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The problem of possible populations: animal farming, sustainability, extinction and the repugnant conclusion

A personal note Population ethics is terribly difficult. My personal journey started ten years ago with a very simple theory called ‘average utilitarianism’. This theory is simple enough to express in one line: choose the option that maximizes the average … Lees verder

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Why cell-based meat will be better (infographic)

I made an infographic, why we can expect that cell-based meat will be much better than animal-based meat. You can support open source scientific cell-based meat research and development by donating to New Harvest and the Good Food Institute.

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