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The two intrinsic rights that restrict utilitarianism

An updated and more elaborate article about the new theory of complaint-free discounted utilitarianism, which includes everyone having a right to discount utilities of others as long as that does not generate valid complaints, can be read here. An updated … Lees verder

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Asymmetry in ethical principles

In general, we have to avoid unwanted arbitrariness in ethics. Arbitrariness is closely related to the notion of asymmetry. Symmetry means that an object looks the same after performing a transformation. Consider a perfect sphere with a uniform color. This … Lees verder

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The three most defensible principles in ethics

From eight to five to three: this article is the result of a long process of several years, searching for the most important or fundamental ethical principles, refining, simplifying and deleting principles until we end up with the three ethical … Lees verder

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Why there is only one basic right and how this is compatible with altruism

There are many rights possible: the rights to life, liberty, property, free speech,… But there is one right that is different from the others: the basic right not to be used as merely a means. If a person has this … Lees verder

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