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Blatant contradictions in the argument that predation benefits ecosystems

Predation causes a lot of suffering. Still, many people, especially ecologists, defend predation by arguing that it benefits ecosystems. However, the idea that predation enhances something like ecosystem health or biodiversity is very disputable. What does it even mean to … Lees verder

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Effective environmentalism and ecomodernism

This Earth Day is a good opportunity to answer a question that some people asked me: what is the difference between my environmentalist views and ecomodernism? We can generate new insights by looking at the correspondences and differences. What is … Lees verder

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One day vegan…

What is the positive impact of eating a plant-based (vegan) diet for one day? A person with an omnivorous diet spends just a few minutes a day consuming animal products. But those few minutes cause a lot of harm. Replacing … Lees verder

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