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The minimum complaint theory: the strongest moral theory? (Short summary)

The minimum complaint theory states that we should choose the options that generate the least amount of valid complaints. It is probably the strongest ethical theory in the sense that it is most preferred by everyone, is the easiest to … Lees verder

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On intervention in nature, human arrogance and moral blind spots

Is it possible that people who claim to be very much against X are doing X themselves and are at the same time strongly criticizing other people who are against X and are not doing X? Last week I was … Lees verder

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What is a rational ethicist?

Accuracy, effectiveness and consistency A rational ethicist lives by the slogan: accurate in beliefs, effective in means, consistent in ends. Our ends should be consistent in the sense that our moral values or ethical principles should not contain contradictions, vagueness … Lees verder

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Against arbitrariness

A more complete article about unwanted arbitrariness as the fundamental ethical principle, can be found here. In this article I demonstrate that the anti-arbitrariness principle might be the most fundamental principle in both science and ethics. What is arbitrariness? Arbitrariness … Lees verder

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Towards a coherent theory of animal equality

See also the e-book (draft) The ethical consistency of animal equality In this article I want to give an overview of how to systematically arrive at a coherent theory of animal equality. The basic structure of the argument is as … Lees verder

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