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It’s time to take the Red Pill and change your mind

Are you afraid of changing your mind about a deeply held belief, about an emotionally strong conviction that you have? A few years ago, I changed – as an environmentalist – my mind about GMOs. Since then, and due to … Lees verder

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Moral illusions and arbitrary discrimination

My presentation at the TEDxGhent PhD contest (24-03-2016), winner of the special prize for the audience’s favourite speaker. Slides can be downloaded here: Moral illusions and arbitrary discrimination. Short description: If your senses cannot always be trusted because of optical … Lees verder

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Ten arguments against speciesism

In this article I will show that the human species is not a morally relevant criterion for rights and that giving humans a higher moral status than non-human sentient beings is  a kind of immoral discrimination. In fact, I will … Lees verder

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