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Big is beautiful. On the dangers of too much distrust in big institutions and high-tech solutions.

Imagine a covid19 pandemic without big institutions such as governments, tech companies and pharmaceutical companies. We would rely on personal, voluntary behavioral change such as social distancing and washing hands, added with low tech solutions such as face masks. These … Lees verder

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From Shiva to Dyson: a paradigm shift from radical ecology with soil-based low-tech food to rational ecology with air-based high-tech food

In the past decade, I made a paradigm shift in thinking about ecology and sustainable food production. I shifted from radical ecology to rational ecology. These two paradigms are represented by two women of color: Vandana Shiva and Lisa Dyson. … Lees verder

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Effective environmentalism and ecomodernism

This Earth Day is a good opportunity to answer a question that some people asked me: what is the difference between my environmentalist views and ecomodernism? We can generate new insights by looking at the correspondences and differences. What is … Lees verder

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Why naturalness is irrational and harmful

In the environmental and natural health movements, people value naturalness. However, from a rational-philosophical perspective, this notion of naturalness doesn’t make much sense: it is arbitrary and not well-defined. Second, from an ethical perspective, preferring naturalness is often harmful: it … Lees verder

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Being rational about organic food

In this article I summarize the most striking facts that led me to the following conclusions: 1) that, from an average consumer point of view, buying organic food is not clearly better nor worse than non-organic food in terms of … Lees verder

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The scientific consensus on GMOs

There is a scientific consensus about the general safety of GMOs (that GMOs in general do not pose more risks to the environment and human health compared to other common plant breeding methods and that risks should be assessed on … Lees verder

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De twijfel over biovoeding

Disclaimer: onderstaand artikel bevat mijn persoonlijke standpunten, dus niet noodzakelijk de standpunten van de milieuorganisaties waar ik bij betrokken ben. De standpunten die ik inneem zijn gebaseerd op mijn persoonlijke waarden en op de wetenschappelijke studies die ik tot nu … Lees verder

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On GMOs and effective environmentalism

Changing mind about GMOs, again? As an environmental activist I have been protesting for years against genetically modified crops (GMOs). Until last year, when I studied the scientific literature in more detail and read about what scientists say about GMOs. … Lees verder

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