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Moral illusions and wild animal suffering neglect

There is a lot of suffering in wild nature: hunger, disease, parasites, predation, competition,… Given the numbers of wild animals and the intensities of suffering, we should not underestimate the moral importance of this problem of wild animal suffering. However, … Lees verder

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Ten arguments against speciesism

In this article I will show that the human species is not a morally relevant criterion for rights and that giving humans a higher moral status than non-human sentient beings is  a kind of immoral discrimination. In fact, I will … Lees verder

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Speciesism and moral illusions

Speciesism is like racism or sexism a form of discrimination. A useful definition of discrimination is: Causing harm or disadvantage to an individual by making a value-laden distinction between individuals based criteria that are not morally relevant in that situation. … Lees verder

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