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Unwanted arbitrariness (infographic)

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Dual moral theory

Morality always involves two parties: the perpetrator versus the victim, the helper versus the beneficiary, the rights-holder versus the duty-bearer, the moral agent versus the moral patient, or most generally: the decision-makers versus the affected people. Due to the two … Lees verder

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My top ideas of 2021

It is time to look back at 2021, to see what are my most important new insights. My two top picks for this year are both within moral philosophy. Interestingly, those two ideas have the same underlying structure. They both … Lees verder

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Unwanted arbitrariness, dictatorship and discrimination

Everyone who makes a choice has to avoid unwanted arbitrariness as much as possible. This is a fundamental principle in ethics, in the sense that it applies to all moral choices. This anti-arbitrariness principle is the reason why dictatorship and … Lees verder

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